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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Science is.....

As I stated previously I have been posting on a conservative website. There is an appalling lack of belief in science in this community. I found a great response to their non-thinking non-belief in science. It said..." Newsflash -- scientific consensus isn't "an opinion lots of people agree with." It's not a goddam popularity contest.

Science doesn't change if your feelings get hurt. Science doesn't change if you don't understand. Science doesn't change if its explanations don't fit with your theology.

The only thing that changes science is more science. Better science, better data, more facts, a new idea that explains existing facts better.

You can say you don't believe in science. But sweetheart, that doesn't make science wrong. So go ahead, don't listen to scientific explanations. But don't be surprised when the folks who believe in science keep being right and you keep being wrong.Which would be much more helpful criticism -- not that this is the orajones' fault -- if the administration ever felt any shame at being wrong."

Great thought. I also have to say that this includes what is oxymoronically called "Intellegent Design". This is because there is also a problem with what is Theory and what is not. Theory must be supported by emperical evidence. Theory must be consistent with FACTS. The only way to disprove a Theory is by emperical evidence. Not by an idea or of a philosophy but by emperical evidence. I am sick of the anti-intellectual ideas being presented as an alternative to real science. I can only hope the American public wakes up.