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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Objective reality...

I have had a couple of comments about one of my past posts which spur me to reply. One commenter asked if Democrats weren't just a left version of the right cultists. I would reply no. They are not. The simplist answer is usually the best. They are not the same because of one thing - objective truth. I think Democrats believe in it and the Republicans in power now do not.
Its evident in a million different ways. If the Repubs dont like something they just attack it. When they are caught in a lie they just deny it. They talk about creating a 'new reality'. But all the while they ignore the things that are really going on all around them. The funny thing is the Repubs also cling to a religious belief in Jesus. But Jesus was a open believer in objective truth. See John 16:4.
The Repubs also violate the Law of Non contradiction (A is not non A - Opposite Truth claims cannot both be true. For example, if an atheist believes God does not exist and a theist believes God does exist, it is impossible for both to be right). Foe example, Bush is obviously a liar just by the video which came out this week showing that he was informed the NOLA levees could break. He said previously he didn't have any idea they could be breached. No spin just objective truth. But there will be those neo-con cultists who, even though they were in New Orleans, will still defend Bush. That is the difference.


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