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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh now I feel safer.....

I just talked to one of my friends who happens to run a comic book and gaming store here in town. He just returned from the 2006 GAMA Trade Show which took place March 13-16 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He said he had a great time but was disturbed by something he saw at the Exhibiters Hall. While he was walking down the aisle he noticed several 'men in black' suits (his words not mine) talking to people and handing out their freebee. He stopped and took a little closer look at them because they were so out of place at the convention. Keep in mind this is a Gaming convention - where people who like to play card games or board games attend. Or really the people who run the stores who but they games to sell to others. These men in black were from the Department of Homeland Security. They were handing out GOLF TEES as a free giveaway. HUH? You know the little pieces of wood or plastic you set your golf ball on when you start a hole. He said almost everyone who they handed the tees to asked what they were! Maybe its because gamers wouldn't go outside in direct sunlight unless they had to. Talk about missing your target audience. Somehow it doesnt make me feel any safer.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Laughing Out Loud.....

I ran across something today which made me laugh out loud. The minor league hockey team in Las Vegas, Nevada is having a Dick Cheney Orange Hunting Vest promotion for the March 17th game. The vests will be given to the first 1000 fans and they say on them ..."I'm Human, Don't Shoot!'. That just brightened up my day. Man I wish I could get one.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Objective reality...

I have had a couple of comments about one of my past posts which spur me to reply. One commenter asked if Democrats weren't just a left version of the right cultists. I would reply no. They are not. The simplist answer is usually the best. They are not the same because of one thing - objective truth. I think Democrats believe in it and the Republicans in power now do not.
Its evident in a million different ways. If the Repubs dont like something they just attack it. When they are caught in a lie they just deny it. They talk about creating a 'new reality'. But all the while they ignore the things that are really going on all around them. The funny thing is the Repubs also cling to a religious belief in Jesus. But Jesus was a open believer in objective truth. See John 16:4.
The Repubs also violate the Law of Non contradiction (A is not non A - Opposite Truth claims cannot both be true. For example, if an atheist believes God does not exist and a theist believes God does exist, it is impossible for both to be right). Foe example, Bush is obviously a liar just by the video which came out this week showing that he was informed the NOLA levees could break. He said previously he didn't have any idea they could be breached. No spin just objective truth. But there will be those neo-con cultists who, even though they were in New Orleans, will still defend Bush. That is the difference.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Road Trip from Hell....

I am sorry I haven't written for awhile but I helped two of my friends move from California to the midwest. It was a long drive and not at all what I envisioned. One of my friends had his nephew help us. He was a knuckle draggin idiot from the shallow end of the gene pool. We stopped in Albuquerque,NM at a mexican resteurant. I knew when we walked into the place it would have great food because there were not a lot of caucasians in there. They had not one but TWO bands playing to the patrons. One was a spanish guitar trio and one was a brass band with trumpets. I was excited to sit down and eat. The nephew (lets call him Jethro) says when he first comes into the lobby (where there are about 15 people waiting) "We don't belong in here. We are the only white people in here. We're gonna get stabbed." Everyone, and I mean everyone, in the lobby turned and looked at him. I could not believe it. I said " I can't wait to eat". Then the next morning at a little breakfast place Jethro asks the waitress "Are you a Samoan?" She doesn't blink but responds that she is Navaho. My friend looks at his nephew and asks him if he has to say everything that comes into his mind. Jethro says he doesn't like Samoans. Again my friend tells his nephew to keep his thoughts to himself. It was very interesting. No one wanted to ride in the car with him (we took two cars). He's only 22 but I don't remember being that stupid at 22. And he is ,of course, a Bush supporter.
He doesn't have a job and he sponges off of his relatives. Just like George!

The answer to the quote is....Barry Goldwater. Some people question it but later in life Barry became very tolerant of others.